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Business Practice

business practice

Many new coaches enter the business with impeccable credentials in heath and wellness practice and coaching, but without the skills in business basics needed to establish, maintain and thrive as a business owner. Our Business Practice courses provide the essential elements of starting and maintaining your business, including bookkeeping, financial management, records management, basic business ethics and the law, marketing and branding yourself and your practice and client acquisition – selling yourself. Our mentors will guide you through the essentials of setting your business up, fine tuning your systems and managing your business as a business while you receive CEU credits.

Branding yourself

And Your Business.

Branding your business and yourself is a critical element in your business success. This workshop focuses on
the science of branding and the importance of building a personal brand for a personal business. It includes the
core elements of brand strategy and how to manage those elements in multiple aspects of your business.

Client Acquisition

The sales process of your business starts before you acquire a new client and extends well into the your
relationship with that client. This workshop will review the sales process for acquiring a new client, successfully onboarding a new client, record keeping, customer relationship management and client satisfaction from a business standpoint.

Financial Management

Whether you keep the books yourselves or hire an outside company, understanding Financial Management is critical to your long term financial success. This workshop provides the basics of effective bookkeeping practice from billing to collections to expense management to financial and tax reporting.

Legal & Ethics

Keeping adequate and confidential health records on your clients is critical to your success and to the ethical standards of your business. This course focuses on this important element of your business including:
• What records to keep;
• How to manage those records;
• The ethics of keeping records and the critical importance of confidentiality.

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