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The Hero’s Journey

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“One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.”

— John C. Maxwell

The Journey into the non-profit industry is, for some, a daunting quest. For some who work in the other professions, it can seem like a foreign world. An inspiring vision. Fund raising from strangers. Elaborate legal requirements. Such things are alien to many.

There are boards to fill, donors to solicit, volunteers to recruit, sometimes with intense competition for same – – all without compensation as a lure.

Nonprofit professionals suffer burnout and resulting turnover at a higher rate than many professions.

Yet in 2016, there were nearly1.6 million nonprofit organizations in the US and thousands more are started every year.

If you are looking for an opportunity in this rewarding profession – or are currently working in a nonprofit and simply trying to improve your effectiveness, we can help.

The Hero’s Journey is a narrative construct that, for centuries, has formed the blueprint for cultural myths, epic stories, and even films (like Star Wars). Why? Because it chronicles a nearly universal understanding of self-revelation to many people and the stories they create for themselves.

As such it is provides a meaningful way of understanding how your personal story can best support your interest in a career in nonprofit work. For those who have been engaged in nonprofit work but want to improve, revitalize or simply reinforce your commitment to a nonprofit career, this process can help you reinforce the reasons you selected your career path. We offer a variety of resources to help you begin – or reinvigorate – your journey into the nonprofit world.

The (abbreviated) structure of the Hero’s Journey below helps make it easier to understand:

The Call to Adventure

or quest that wrests a potential hero from the “Ordinary World.”

Crossing the Threshold

from the known to the unknown, ensuring that the Hero’s life will never be the same.

Meeting the Mentor

Imparting wisdom and insights that the Hero uses to overcome the challenges ahead.

Road of Challenges & Temptations

that the Hero will encounter on his or her quest.

Mastery of Two Worlds

The Hero’s new world and the one previously known. .

The Road Back

A return to the Hero’s known world, changed and reborn.


Discovering the life changing nature of finding a higher calling.

The Abyss

or Cave – that the Hero must escape to be Reborn and Transformed through . . .

For a more detailed discussion of the Hero’s Journey we suggest (Book) or (Website).

Our proprietary mentoring and training systems use narrative structure to guide you through a better understanding of success in the nonprofit world for a variety of reasons.

We have experts who have been engaged in the nonprofit sector for years.
We join that experience with nationally recognized experts in education and communications and gifted storytellers to help you find yourself and your place in this story – to help you navigate your path in this challenging and rewarding industry. The utilization of narrative – story – helps our clients better understand their challenges and their opportunities and develop the skills to succeed.

We’re proud to offer you these resources to help you on your journey.

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