Creating an Organizational Brand


This is an online workshop focused on creating a Brand Identity for a nonprofit organization and its programs.

Five weekly one-hour sessions


Define Needs

Define the needs for organizational and program branding for success.

fine tuning

Outline the process for developing and fine tuning an effective, compelling brand for your organization.

Successful communication

Outline the elements needed for successful communication of the organization and its programs to a broad audience and specific targets;

Brand Science

Provide the basics of brand science and the values to nonprofit organizations.


Outline how to evaluate your brand and its value to your organization.


Session One: You will learn the basics of brand science; the elements of brand identity, and the process by which people process information in this cluttered, crowded world of traditional media, social media and the online world.


Why does my organization need to brand itself?

For over a century, Americans have been trained to process information the way they process brands. Successful branding defines and differentiates your organization, its mission, its programs and its applicability to the lives and concerns of your target. Brand science and branding helps you guide and direct the perceptions and attitudes related to your organization, relative to others and the perceptions of your communities.

Isn’t ‘branding’ and marketing lying?

The history of branding and marketing demonstrates that the most successful long-term brands are based on truth. Successful branding simply accelerates the target’s understanding of that truth.

Does it take a lot of money and expertise to develop a brand?

It doesn’t need to. You know your targets (donors, populations served, affiliated communities, influencers), your mission, your message, and how you wish to be perceived. There are often people in your community willing to help; local professionals in advertising, marketing, who are anxious to help you advance your organization.

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