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A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.

Oprah Winfrey

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For some, a not for profit (NFP) career is a calling. For others, it’s an exciting and rewarding career. The NFP workforce currently ranks third among 18 major industries in the US, and is among the fastest growing.

workshops, seminars
& personal coaching.

At Mentor Agility, we help current NFP professionals, those who are drawn by a singular cause or simply those in other careers who wish to be passionate about their work – as leaders, professionals, board members and volunteers. We do so by training and enhancing skills, and helping our clients turn their passions into action through exclusive instructive workshops, seminars, and personal coaching.

“Hero’s Journey”

Some of our coursework is based on the archetypal “Hero’s Journey” – creating a proprietary, breakthrough training system that utilizes Joseph Campbell’s groundbreaking work on the centuries old structures of storytelling, mythology and self-discovery. Campbell’s work focused on a core element of human nature –
the call to follow your heart.

The two most important characters in a hero’s journey are the Hero and the Mentor. Embracing a NFP career, for many, is a heroic decision. Our mentors and coaches have extensive experience in the NFP industry, combined with other professional experience. They will work with you to give you your best opportunities for success and leadership in this exciting and competitive industry as well as enhancing core skills in management, marketing, communications and finance.

Your journey can be custom designed to fit your background, your existing skills and your goals – – through a process we call, Mentor Agility.™

Our Products

Mentor Agility Philanthropy was formed was formed to provide nonprofit leaders with the tools they need to be better at helping others.

Successful nonprofit leaders – professionals, managers, board members and volunteers – come from diverse cultural, educational and professional backgrounds.

We provide nonprofit leaders with the tools they need for greater success, satisfaction and improved performance.

Professional Workshops

provide self-paced, online programs of study designed to introduce or advance your career in specific areas of nonprofit practice, outlining principles, strategies and specific actions to help people improve in their jobs. Workshops are available for different experience levels, including those who are considering a career in nonprofit management.

Coaching Sessions

Individual and Group Coaching Sessions provide a more personally directed, immersive learning experience geared toward your specific professional needs. Individual and Group Coaching can help you improve in specific skills, conquer specific tasks and advance your career with specific strategies tailored to your background experience and goals.

Personal Workshops

provide guidelines for optimal satisfaction in a nonprofit career, including matching your specific individual skills and strengths to the different roles in a nonprofit organization. Personal workshops are personalized, interactive programs of small group interaction designed to allow professionals to share ideas, advice and challenges in a positive, collaborative environment.


help specific organizations or professional groups in specific positions or roles improve their work output and finished products through intensive focus on specific topics. We offer seminars in organization leadership, communications, development, board management, working with volunteers and other topics.

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