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Set against a backdrop of the great outdoors, Story Walks tap into the individual’s internal creativity. Using the symbiotic relationship between the natural environment, healing, and storytelling is evidenced through ancient oral traditions, visual art, dance, music, and writing.  Attendees will participate in creative discussions as an expresser, listener, or observer enhancing self-understanding, self-reflection, and psychological states such as mood, emotion, and prosocial behaviors. When you open up your creative expression, a powerful avenue of change emerges.

Mentor Agility offers a series of six meditative walks wherein you will tap into your creative consciousness by connecting with the great outdoors. Guided by a certified coach, these walks provide techniques to manage life’s challenges – everything from daily or prolonged stressors to coping with physical or emotional pain – and teach you how to harness your own creativity to do it.  MA Walk titles include Absorbing the Forest, The Web of Life, Untranslatable Words, Fractals, Dreamtime, and Stories of the Forest.  Each walk is approximately two hours in length, which includes several stops at which your coach will ask you to reflect on your experience using methods designed to get your creative juices flowing. 

The walk can be private or with a group – your choice. 

Sign up for just one, all six, or any combination.

This Story Walk: The Story in The Landscape

Discover the intercultural bond that humans have through common experiences rather than words. These common experiences become stories that we can all understand, no matter if we speak the same language or not. This evidences our shared humanity.  As you walk in nature, you will identify with other world cultures using your senses rather than linguistics and find that universal experiences build communication with another culture in a way that language cannot. You will be introduced to several untranslatable words, which unfold a story that you become a part of as you commune with nature.  

This coach-led walk is approximately two hours in length and can be an individual experience or with a group.


Six weekly one-hour sessions, choose one or attend all 6.


  • reduction of negative emotions and stress
  • better mood and positive emotions
  • use of  nature and the arts as a stimulus for creative thought and self-exploration


What are Story Walks? A series of six walks held outdoors in nature and lead by a NBC-HWC certified coach. 

Who can benefit from Story Walks? Anyone looking to de-stress, heal, tap into their creativity, connect to nature, see themselves in a new light, or spark inspiration should sign up for these fun and innovative walks.


Story Walks

Instructor: Dr. Julie Elledge, Ph.D.

Dates: September 9, 2019

Time: 8-10 AM MST

Cost: $60

Coach to participate ratio 1:10

What other costs can be expected?  


What do I need to participate? 

The walks will be held on Snow King, convenient to the Jackson area. Be prepared to walk for 2 hours with stops to have discussions. Water, trekking poles, an open mind,  notebook and pencil are helpful.

How do I follow up?

Once your sign up for the course you will receive an email with how to log on for the course.

Cancellation policy?

  • 100% 60 days out?
  • 50% 30 days out?
  • 0% inside 7 days?

The Layers of Life

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Story Walk

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The Layers of Life

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Story Walk

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