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Professional & Personal Workshops

provide self-paced, online programs of study
designed to introduce topics or advance your career in specific areas of Health & Wellness coaching, outlining principles, strategies and specific actions to help coaches improve in their jobs. Workshops are available for both business development and specialized practice areas for coaches.

Personal workshops are personalized, interactive programs of small group interaction designed to allow professionals to share ideas, advice and challenges in a positive, collaborative environment.

For a list of current professional and personal workshops available, click here.

Individual & Group Coaching Sessions

provide a more personally directed, immersive learning experience geared toward your specific professional needs. Individual and Group Coaching can help you improve in specific skills and knowledge areas, conquer specific management and business development needs, and advance your career and your business with specific strategies tailored to your background experience and

Click here to learn more about individual and group coaching availabilities.


are live sessions to help those with shared specific interest areas in specific topics or specializations improve their expertise and skills through intensive focus on individual topics in a group setting. We will offer seminars in a variety of interest areas in select geographic areas, and welcome suggestions in topics where you would like to participate learning in a group setting. Click here to see if there are any seminars coming up or here to suggest topics or interests for a seminar.


“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you,
than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.” –Bob Proctor

Mentor Agility Wellness was formed to provide Health and Wellness Coaches with the tools they need to be better at helping others find a more healthful, vibrant life.

Successful Health and Wellness Coaches come from diverse cultural, educational and professional backgrounds.

We provide Health and Wellness Coaches with the tools they need for greater success, satisfaction and improved service to your clients.

Health practice

Improving your client’s health is the most important benefit you can provide. We provide CEU credits in six (6) disciplines related to your clients’ health. With specialists in these disciplines, we offer a diverse and wholistic curriculum designed to broaden your expertise and your practice to provide a broad spectrum of offerings for your clients.

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