Financial Well-Being (3/9)

By: Julie Elledge

Building The Critical Foundation of Personal and Professional Coaching

Central to clients’ well-being is financial well-being, a self-story that lives in the shadow of conscious awareness. This course spotlights the relationship between clients’ perceptions, well-being, coaching ethics, and core competencies. Through the lens of financial well-being, you will explore how to bring shadow stories to light and promote clients’ creative process for insight and solution formation.


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Julie Elledge

Dr. Julie Elledge has three board certifications in professional coaching: PCC, BCC, and NBC-HWC. She is also a licensed family therapist, an educator with her PhD in Education, author and a recognized expert in creativity and organizational dynamics. She has coached in multiple disciplines for over 25 years and been an expert commentator on CyberHood Watch Radio and Fox News, among others. She has worked on education initiatives with Apple Education, Twentieth Century Fox, NOAA, BP and INEEL. Dr. Elledge offers coaching, workshops, lectures and an interdisciplinary course in NFP Leadership using the Hero’s Journey as a guide.

Course Details

Raconteur Coaching™ is a holistic approach to coaching that integrates multiple variants to help clients change their stories and their lives to advance towards the goals you and they develop together.

Our coaching of Financial Well-Being is centered around helping clients with goal setting, exploring their financial influences, and encouraging the mindset required to sustain, even improve their standard of living. When those elements are in line, other goals, and the stories that accompany them, are dramatically more understandable and attainable.

That’s why we call Raconteur Coaching™ a revolution, and why we created Financial Well-Being as the core of our Raconteur Coaching certification program. But make no mistake – Financial Well-Being can help any coach get better results with any client.

  • Career satisfaction can impact health and wellness
  • Health can impact family life and career-family balance
  • Family stress can impact career advancement and overall financial health
  • A client’s life story can significantly impact their happiness, their career goals and satisfaction, their family life, and many other elements.




  • Self-Paced: 10 hours, available immediately.
  • Live Classes: 2 2-hour +1 1-hour
  • March 9 & 16 1-3 PM MST
  • March 23 1-2 PM MST


Note – for ICF, the course provides 15 CE’s: 13 Core Competency, 2 Resource Development.


  • Demonstrate the relationship between clear agreements about the coaching relationship is directly related to the financial well-being of the client and the coach.
  • Recognize the relationship between ethics and financial well-being for both coaches and clients.
  • Develop sensitivity for the contextual influence that shapes your clients thinking, decision making, and behavior.

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Financial Well-Being

Coaching Ethics and Financial Well-Being

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