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As the centerpiece of Mentor Agility’s Coachtraining, Raconteur Coaching is the most comprehensive certification program we offer. There are two levels of courses for a Raconteur Coaching Certification.

LEVEL I includes the curriculum required for all Raconteur Coaching certifications. This level ensures you have sufficient knowledge and resources to work with clients and add value to their lives. While this is a ‘generalist’ level, it provides an elevated understanding of the role of applying narrative to improve and optimize your clients’ lives. Raconteur Coaching is unlike any other discipline in Coaching.

LEVEL II provides varied curricula based on the trainee’s/coach’s advanced interests and desired focus for their practice.

Level I – Core Classes

These courses comprise the essential elements of Raconteur Coaching and are required for all Raconteur Coaching Certifications regardless of specialization chosen. Courses without links represent courses that have not yet been scheduled. Click here to be notified when additional courses are scheduled.

Financial Well-Being – Let this comprehensive class teach you the most all-encompassing concern of most coaching clients, and how to address the shadow story that limits many aspects of their lives, careers and relationships. (Click here for curriculum.)

Hero’s Journey Change Model – Learn to work with your clients to apply the narrative structure of the life stories of successful people in all cultures and for thousands of years, to guide them in how they can achieve a life of accomplishment – a process created by our founder. (Click here for curriculum.)

Nature Immersion – Partner with nature to guide your clients to discover their innermost feelings, release their capacities of perception and uncover their creativity in the natural world – no matter where they live. (Click here for curriculum.)

Story Quest Walks – This follow up to our popular Nature Immersion course continues the application of the power of nature to help clients center themselves while using metaphor and narrative, exploring the power of words and compelling quotes to unlock creativity and expression.   (Click here for curriculum.)

The Use of Metaphor and Myth – Learn to utilize one of the most powerful storytelling traditions, creating extraordinary worlds to teach lessons and impart wisdom, while allowing clients to uncover and project their innermost feelings in a journey of self discovery. (Click here for curriculum.)

Victim to Creator Part 1 – Help your clients identify cast off limiting mindsets an behavioral barriers to unleash their creativity and achieve higher goals. ((Click here for curriculum.)

Mapping Your Ecosystems: Part 1 – or – Storytelling for Coaches: Part 1 – Two courses that elevate the use of storytelling through techniques for understanding how the people, places and interactions of their lives can help enhance their outcomes and, accordingly, their lives. (Click here for curriculum.)

Leadership Suite The Leadership Suite includes 6 (six) one-hour courses:

  • The Essentials to Building Radical Trust
  • Facilitating Change
  • Creating Open Dialogue
  • Communicating for Buy In
  • Assess with Success
  • Assessment Ethics

(Click here for the curriculum for Leadership Suite courses.)

Capstone Project
Level I students of Raconteur Coaching will conclude with a Capstone Project, which will prepare coaches for working with Clients through a process in which coaches will synthesize, develop and present coaching plans for peer and instructor feedback and support. 

Level II – Specializations

This level allows you to select areas of Raconteur Coaching you are most interested in focusing on for your practice. They include courses in specific areas of coaching practice and our proprietary courses directly related to Raconteur Coaching.

Reflecting the highest standards of coaching accreditation, each Level II Specialization Program includes required Mentor Coaching in which students and their cohort will demonstrate coaching skills and knowledge.

Accordingly every Level II Specialization curriculum will integrate a Mentor Group of at least 10 hours in which Coaches will synthesize, develop and present coaching plans for peer and instructor feedback and support.

LeadershipFocuses on Leadership coaching using the power of narrative and context to help clients become better leaders in business, their careers, and their personal and professional lives. (Click here for the curriculum for Leadership.)

Nature Focuses on working with and applying the natural world to help clients improve creativity, expression and interpreting their relationship to their truth, beauty and others. (Click here for the curriculum for Nature.)

AlchemyFocuses on utilizing the unique power of storytelling, focusing on myth and metaphor, to help clients uncover and understand the selfimposed limits to their personal advancement. (Click here for the curriculum for Alchemy.)

Creativity Focuses on helping clients improve their creativity, imagination and storytelling to advance their career and personal lives. (Click here for the curriculum for Creativity).

Advanced Marketing and BrandingFocuses on applying coaching disciplines to advance marketing and branding effectiveness. (Click here for the curriculum for Advanced Marketing and Branding.)

Financial Well-Being Focuses on understanding the shadow story of Financial Well-Being and applying focused techniques to help clients understand and manage how their sense of Financial Well-Being can allow them to better guide their lives, careers and relationships. (Click here for the curriculum for Financial Well-Being.)

For details on Level II Specializations Courses  Click here.

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