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Raconteur Coaching

Raconteur – A person who is skilled in relating stories . . . interestingly.

Our Stories, Ourselves


We’re proud to introduce Raconteur Coaching™, a new certification – and discipline – offered exclusively by Mentor Agility.

The principles of Raconteur Coaching are simple. 

“Your life is a journey. Your journey is your story. When you accept the power to change your story, you change the arc of that journey. That’s how you can best assume the power to change your life.”
Dr. Julie Elledge, Creator of Raconteur Coaching.

This basic concept is based on the compelling foundation of depth psychology.

“The tales we tell hold powerful sway over our memories, behaviors and even identities . . .” 
American Psychological Association  

From this premise comes Raconteur Coaching, a method of coaching in which coaches work with their clients to not only understand their stories, but to enable clients take the reins of their stories and direct the changes in their own lives.

Our stories require structure, introspection, clarity, and a commitment to embracing the story, no matter what its path has been, so that the future can be guided in the direction chosen by the client. In short, to make the client the Raconteur of his or her story.

Welcome to the world of Raconteur Coaching and the new certification, created by Mentor Agility and our Founder Dr. Julie Elledge. Raconteur Coaching provides coaches with a roadmap; a way for coaches to work with clients to help guide them to life stories – and lives – that optimize their ambitions, their skills, their values and the people they share their lives with. It’s a roadmap that’s been around for centuries, but has only been codified and understood in our lifetimes – the Hero’s Journey®.


Since the 8th Century BC, great stories have followed an archetypal narrative thread that chronicles a hero’s life’s path. Over the centuries that have followed, countless myths, folk tales, great novels and, beginning in the last century, films, have followed the path of a Hero’s Journey®.

First codified in 1949 by Joseph Campbell, it is now recognized the world over as a template for narrative structure that is relevant to, and reflected in, every culture and language. It also provides the structure of many of the greatest, most successful films of all time.

Dr. Julie Elledge, our Founder and a highly successful coach, educator, therapist and businessperson, recognized that the structure that Campbell identified provides a roadmap for her clients’ life stories. With that revelation, Dr. Elledge created the “Hero’s Journey® Change Model,” a discipline that uses the Hero’s Journey to help guide clients through life’s ebbs and challenges with the understanding that, even when confronted by seemingly insurmountable obstacles, their life stories can be directed towards a successful, highly satisfying outcome. We encourage you to explore the Hero’s Journey® Change Model course to learn more.

Mentor Agility’s work championing the Hero’s Journey® Change Model has even been recognized by the education non-profit Joseph Campbell Foundation for its unique application of Campbell’s work towards improving people’s lives and careers.

Hero’s Journey® and the mark of HERO’S JOURNEY® and any copyrighted material authored by Joseph Campbell are used under license from the Joseph Campbell Foundation (www.jcf.org).


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Raconteur Certification Requirements and Details

To attain Raconteur Coach Certification, students must complete the courses listed below. Mentor Agility offers two complete cycles of classes yearly, beginning early in the year and again in mid-summer: students may begin any time, as long as any specific course prerequisites are met. Program costs may be paid at the time of class registration – early registration is encouraged, and discounts for full program purchase may apply.

  • Format – Live & self-paced
  • Schedule – Course Specific (individual class details below)
  • Credits – 131 CE Units for both NBC-HWC & ICF
  • Total Cost- $10,260

Terms and Conditions

Financial Well-Being

Central to a client’s story, financial well-being can lurk in the shadows of conscious awareness with the power to derail or optimize clients’ performance and goal achievement. By exploring financial mindsets, ethics, and coaching agreements, this class sets the stage for successful coaching partnerships that honor both the coach and the client.

  • Format – Live & self-paced
  • Schedule – 2022- 2/22, 3/1, 3/8
  • CE Units – NBC-HWC: 15 CE units ICF: 15 CE units (13 CC/2 RD)
  • Investment – $900.00

Click to read more about Financial Well Being

Hero’s Journey® Change Model

The Hero’s Journey® Change Model presents a novel representation of the behavior change process and coaching core competencies.  Coaches will learn to guide clients to break through barriers and reach a heroic life states. The coaching structure helps guide clients through life’s ebbs and challenges with the understanding that, even when confronted by seemingly insurmountable obstacles, client’s life stories can be directed towards a successful, highly satisfying outcome. 

  • Format – Live & self-paced
  • Schedule – 2022- 3/15, 3/22, 3/29, 4/5
  • CE Units – NBC-HWC: 20 CE units ICF: 20 CE units (17 CC/3 RD)
  • Investment – $1,105.00

Click to read more about Hero’s Journey®

Nature Immersion

A two part nature coaching course series, where you will dive into both ancient and modern stories and learn techniques harnessing the power of nature to actualize clients’ potential. This class will explore how to harness the transformational power of nature as a metaphorical tool for client insight, learning, and reflection.

  • Format – Live & self-paced
  • Schedule – 2022- 2/3, 2/10, 2/17, 2/24, 3/3
  • CE Units – NBC-HWC: 12 CE units ICF: 12 CE units (9.5 CC/2.5 RD)
  • Investment – $720.00

Click to read more about Nature Immersion

Story Quest Walks

The second course in the nature coaching course series, coaches will explore the power of story to overcome resistance to change. A deep dive into the ethics of using cultural stories and learn to link nature to narrative to unlock and harness client’s creative expression.

  • Format – Live & self-paced
  • Schedule – 2022- 3/10, 3/17, 3/24, 3/31, 4/7
  • CE Units – NBC-HWC: 12 CE units ICF: 12 CE units (11.5 CC/.5 RD)
  • Investment – $720.00

Click to read more about Story Quest Walks

Victim to Creator Part I & II

In this two part course series, coaches will learn to move clients out of complacency and into motivation, shifting mindsets from victim to creator. Part 1 will help you reexamine how you think about the coaching structure and give you a new perspective on sensitive coaching competencies. Part 2  explores advance concepts such as the influence of power, traps of the ego, and higher self consciousness. 

  • Format – Live via ZOOM
  • Part I Schedule – 9/28, 10/5, 10/12, 10/19, 10/26, 11/2, 2021
  • Part II Schedule – 11/9, 11/16, 11/23, 11/30, 12/7, 12/14, 2021
  • Day and Time – Tuesdays 9 AM-11 AM Mountain Time
  • CE Units – NBC-HWC: 24 CE units ICF: 24 CE units (21 CC, 3 RD)
  • Investment – $1,440.00

Click to read more about Victim to Creator Part I & II

Ecosystems of the Mind: Building a Better Story

This course explores metaphor and answers the call for a wider and more comprehensive framework for a wholistic life. Coaches will explore various symbols of nature in pathways to meaning. Learn how to guide clients in mapping out their own personal ecosystems, reframing their approach in managing stress, work, and life. 

  • Format – Live ZOOM
  • Schedule – 2021 – 9/29, 10/6, 10/13, 10/20, 10/27, 11/3
  • Day and Time – Wednesdays, 10 AM-12 PM Mountain Time
  • CE Units – NBC-HWC: 12 CE units ICF: 12 CE units (6 CC, 6 RD)
  • Investment – $720.00

Click to read more about Ecosystems of the Mind Parts I: Building a Better Story

Ecosystems of the Mind Mastering the Metaphor

This class is A paradigm disruptor of the “work-life balance” metaphor that has outlived its usefulness promoting an unrealistic, quick fix solution. This course focuses on crafting metaphor-based questions to raise awareness, provoke insight, and prompt clients to articulate the nuances of their inner journey.

  • Format – Live via ZOOM
  • Schedule – 2021- 11/10, 11/17, 11/24, 12/1, 12/8, 12/15
  • Day and Time – Wednesdays, 10 AM-12 PM Mountain Time
  • CE Units – NBC-HWC: 12 CE units ICF: 12 CE units (6 CC, 6 RD)
  • Investment – $720.00

Click to read more about Ecosystems of the Mind Part II: Mastering the Metaphor

Storytelling for Coaches

In this course coaches will learn how to enter into a client’s story and identify the themes and patters that shape behavior, thinking and emotion. We will explore how to frame client’s internal and external conflict as a catalyst to spark creativity and personal growth.

  • Format – Live via ZOOM
  • Schedule – 2021- 10/21, 10,28, 11/4, 11/11
  • Days and Time – Thursdays, 10 AM – 12 PM Mountain Time
  • CE Units – NBC-HWC: 8 CE units ICF: 8 CE units
  • Investment – $480.00

Click to read more about Storytelling for Coaches

Magic of Myth

A powerful coaching method of uncovering Shadow Stories within us and transforming them into stories of potentiality in group coaching. By using the power of myth, learn too explore our true and vulnerable selves through creativity and imagination removing barriers and opening up opportunity.

  • Format – Live 
  • Schedule –2022- 5/15, 5/22, 5/29, 6/4
  • Days and Time – Tuesdays 1 PM – 2:30 PM MST, Thursdays 10 AM – 12 PM MST
  • CE Units – NBC-HWC: 6 CE units ICF: 6 CE units (2 CC, 4 RD)
  • Investment – $360.00

Click to read more about City Where People are Mended: The Magic of Myth in Coaching Series

Mentor Coaching

This class is learning to apply coaching skills and techniques in a small group setting. Utilizing 7 live group meetings students will practice coaching in a fishbowl setting with  instructor critiques. There is also 3 individual coaching meetings (one on one) included with the instructor for private instruction and critiques so the student may develop the skills and confidence needed to begin taking coaching clients.
  • Format –  Live via ZOOM (mandatory attendance)
  • Schedule – March 16 & 30, April 13 & 27 2022 (4 Meetings)
  • Days and Time – Wednesdays 11:30 – 1:15 MST (Denver)
  • CE Units – NBC-HWC: 10 CE units ICF: 10 CE units, 10 CC
  • Investment – $3,000.00
  • Prerequisites  – Yes. Core coaching classes must be completed before enrollment.

For more information contact Mentor Agility – admin@mentoragility.com

Raconteur Coaching helps coaches apply the steps of the Hero’s Journey® to guide their clients through their personal and professional life stories, by identifying where they are in the journey so their expectations and opportunities can be given the perspective of an archetypal narrative structure that has guided individuals, cultures and civilizations for over 2500 years.

We invite you to explore this journey and how to engage your clients on the Hero’s path; an inspired direction of transformation of their lives, to break through barriers and reach a life state that can be described as heroic, through the practice of Raconteur Coaching.

Click here for information about the curricula and hours required for a Raconteur Coaching certification.

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