Storytelling is an art.

Interpreting story is coaching.

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Our Learning Environment 

Mentor Agility is celebrated for their internationally renowned instructors, personalized programs, and transformational learning experiences. Our courses are a fully remote, blended model of 

self-paced learning material and live coaching classes. We cap our class sizes to allow personal interaction with instructors and provide supportive and active group learning environments. Providing opportunities for practice coaching and coaching support from Mentor Agility graduates, we set our students up for success, leaving our programs ready to confidently coach clients. 

Raconteur Coaching 

The most comprehensive certification in storytelling and coaching, Our fullest training program prepares you to coach and sit for credentialing from both the ICF and NBHWC, assuring your clients you meet the highest global standards in coaching. 

 Comprehensive Well-Being Certification 

This specialized certification, approved by NBHWC, integrates the essentials of Health and Wellness coaching with the advanced use of storytelling to coach clients in transformative lifestyle journeys. 

Specialized CCE Certifications

Find your authentic coaching voice through our unique specializations. Use these courses to level up your credentials and build your brand and expertise. Courses are approved for CCE credit from ICF and NBHWC and may be purchased individually. 


The Alchemy Method – Harness the Power of Myth

Unlock clients’ inner magic through The Alchemy Method. Applied to coaching, alchemy is the powerful process of uncovering the shadow stories within us and transforming them into stories of potentiality. This group coaching method builds trust and lowers client resistance through the use of myth, reflection, and powerful questions. 


Nature Coaching — Inspire Your Coaching Practice

Mentor Agility’s innovative approach to nature coaching is like no other. From our home in Jackson Hole, WY  we have utilized nature to restore clients well-being,  refresh their perceptions, and enhance their creativity for over 30 years. Transform your practice by partnering with nature to inspire and amaze your clients. 


Healthcare and Organizational Leadership – Lead with Story

The pandemic has impacted our world from our workplaces to our personal lives. Prepare your clients to lead us out of the unknown and into the future by combining skills in this exclusive class series specializing in neuroscience, leadership skills, and the fortitude of narrative. 



Financial Well-Being- Understand Wealth through Coaching Foundations

Personal finance is a topic seldom discussed and a primary to clients’ health and well-being. Focused on coaching techniques based in storytelling, coaches will focus on the dimension of financial- well being to expand the understanding around the stories we tell ourselves around our wealth and self worth. Coaches will learn the foundational tools, structures, and ethics 

needed to form successful coaching partnerships that honor both the coach and client.

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