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“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.”
                        — Oprah Winfrey

Welcome to Mentor Agility. We are a company relentlessly focused on advancing professional training and education for the Coaching profession. We are coaches with widely varied backgrounds, international audiences and professional accomplishments in other disciplines and areas of expertise. We are educators with extensive experience working with innovators like Apple Education, among others. We are communicators whose work you have seen for years, but whose visions are looking forward with you in mind. We are storytellers who relish advancing the art in others.

We started Mentor Agility with a simple vision.
• Offer what others don’t, but Coaches need.
• Delight our clients with our differences so they can do the same with theirs.
• Produce results with professionalism.
• Innovation is more interesting – and effective – for successful coaches.

We invite you to explore our site. We will share with you our unique courses, our remarkable,
multi-national team, our exclusive Raconteur Coaching discipline, as well as other certifications and specializations; all driven by a commitment to innovation and steeped in the Hero’s Journey® Change Model, which we created to transform lives through coaching. We look forward to working with you to advance your Coaching career.

Featured Instructors

Dr. Kwame Scruggs

Dr. Kwame Scruggs

Kwame’s ability to transform lives using Myth inspired a heralded documentary film and an international reputation. Now, he shares his process with you to improve your capacity to transform your clients’ lives.

Simon Blackhall

Simon Blackhall

Simon is a gifted international speaker, and sought-after Consciousness coach, with an international practice. Based in London, his mission as a coach and teacher is to co-create the expansion and higher for this unfolding world by holding a space of truth and light in which others can come forth.

Dr. Sherry Yellin

Dr. Sherry Yellin

Dr. Sherry Yellin has over 20 years experience designing, creating, and delivering learning and coaching solutions to leaders in education, government agencies, and private industry. She has a background in brain-based learning and wholeheartedly believes when we lead, teach, and live the way the brain learns best we get immediate and extraordinary results.

Featured Courses

A Time Like No Other 2 – Changing Horizons

When the Pandemic hit coaching in 2020, we offered a popular series of CEU courses from all of our instructors offering one hour discussions of issues affecting our industry for $5. Based on input from our clients, we’re renewing these 12 popular courses, again for $5, in January, 2021.

Financial Well-Being

This course can form a foundation for a coaching career or just a holistic approach to your clients’ overall well being. See how this breakthrough course will transform how you and your clients interpret their lives, their careers and their future by transforming a common shadow story.
Read More.

Raconteur Coaching Certification

An Exciting, Exclusive New Certification

Raconteur Coaching™ is a proprietary method of coaching in which coaches work with their clients to not only understand their stories, but to teach clients to take the reins of their stories and direct the changes in their own lives. Life stories require structure, introspection, clarity, and a commitment to embracing the story, no matter what its path has been. Only with that foundation can the future be guided in the direction chosen by the client. In short, to make the client the Raconteur of his or her story. Explore what Raconteur Coaching can do for your clients. Read More.

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